All participants in a transport chain with dangerous goods must have at least a 1.3 ADR training. This training is mandatory for all participants involved in a chain of transport of dangerous goods. 

Course time is approximately 1.5 hour including quiz

Audience: ADR 1.3 training is mandatory for all persons included in a transport chain including dangerous goods. This applies for example to staff working with packaging, marking / labeling , forklift drivers , warehouse staff, loader / unloader and document printers. It's also recommended to supervisors, safety representatives, managers and purchasers of dangerous goods related materials.

Objective: The main objective is that through increased knowledge prevent accidents during transport, and overbuild harm if an accident does occur. The participants will after the course have knowledge of the laws and regulations governing the handling of dangerous goods. Participants will also have sufficient knowledge to identify dangerous goods in their business. Participants should be aware of the responsibilities placed on each step in the chain. Participants must have knowledge of the level of security (safety / security) that is required around the dangerous goods handling. Participants will also have an understanding of certain features may require a deeper knowledge concerning their duties.

ADR 1.3 The training is divided into three compulsory components:

- General part of the dangerous goods, laws and regulations, and players' roles and responsibilities in the transport chain.

- Function-specific part: Describes the different roles in the transport and the specific requirements for these. This Part also a transport chain from the very first action to implement a transport safely. Participants will also be able to identify their own role in the chain and thus be aware of the possible. additional training needs aligned with the delegation scheme .

- Security: Here, we review the concepts safety and security. If the participant handles materials with high risk potential, participants will receive information about the handling of goods with high risk potential (security).

(In-depth knowledge of safety is normally obtained in the workplace and is governed by, among others The Work Environment Authority's).

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